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James Williams

James Williams is a passionate Jewish Educator currently living in Efrat, Israel. Born and raised in Birmingham, United Kingdom, his passion for educating began early on and it has stayed with him ever since. James was involved in Snif in Birmingham as Chanich, Madriach & Rosh. James continued his involvement with Bnei Akiva working on […]

Joey Adler

Joey is ecstatic for another incredible year as Rosh Mosh at Moshava Ba’ir!

Sam Frank

Sam Frank was born and raised in Cleveland and was strongly involved with Bnei Akiva, including taking on several ‘Rosh’ positions, during his time at Fuchs Mizrachi. Upon graduating in 2017 he went to learn at Yeshivat Sha’alvim where he learned for two years before drafting to the paratroopers unit of the IDF and then […]

Shira Lewis

This is Shira’s fifth summer at Moshava Bair and she can’t wait for it to begin. Shira has played many roles here in camp, but this summer she will be taking on the positon of Director of Operations. She works as a speech language therapist during the school year but looks forward all year long […]

Shula Bashkin

Shula has been with the Bnei Akiva family for over a decade! She is available year-round and during the summer to make sure all registration needs are met!

Toby Eizik

Hi! I’m Nurse Toby, one of the nurses at Camp Moshava Ba’ir. I’m here to help make sure that your child stays safe and healthy during the summer. camping season. If you have any questions regarding your child’s health, feel free to touch base with me!

Talia Dayan

Talia is excited to support all campers and families with any challenges that arise at camp. She is an expert in conflict management and enjoys finding solutions to every day problems.

Estie Fried

Estie is excited to join the Moshava Ba’ir team. She loves figuring out complicated logistics and streamlining processes – just what is needed to get your kids to camp in a safe and timely fashion!